Entry #12


2011-09-11 10:03:59 by Sin-sister

Heyah boys and girls,

The Samus project is not moving forward very quickly. To be honest, this is mainly because I've finished my uni course, and have now lost my work ethic. Well, whatever I had, in the absence of actual work ethic.
But another reason is because, guess what? ... guess!

"Errrh, Flash is being a bitch?"

Yayyy! Here, have a cookie.
Yep, Flash is doing what Flash does best.

Oh, and as predicted, tentacles suck to animate.
Fuck you, Nightverge!

Hahah just kidding. But seriously, I'm working on it. In the mean time I've been amusing myself by scribbling as often as possible. My lousy drawing skills have finally gotten to me.

In other news, it's Spring! Yayyy! The chilly August winds are still lingering, but the warm Spring -style sun has made an appearance :D
No more bus loads of people coughing and sputtering all over the place. Break out the bikinis and board shorts!

So yeah. In summary, I'mah get working on Samus. I need a solid work plan...and s-stuff.

I leave you with a little comic strip (scaled down to a few measly pixels I'm sure) of my adventure with traditional art

(If it's too freaking small just follow this link: http://lilith-bast.deviantart.com/#/d4 9intp)



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2011-09-11 12:41:34

Where do you live that spring starts now?

Sin-sister responds:

Down under, appropriately ;P


2011-09-11 12:49:11


Sin-sister responds:

Tentacles. Plural ;)


2011-09-11 13:22:43

You know what they about the size of a demon/monster/cephalopod's tentacles?

Sin-sister responds:

Pray tell :]


2011-09-11 14:58:31

You had me worried Sin, haven't seen any new flash from you in a while that I was begining to think you quit. Good to know your still going at it. Also, your lucky, here in america fall is starting, plus in central america where I live, its gettin colder real fast...

Sin-sister responds:

Heheh, nah, I'm still here :]


2011-09-11 18:31:23

gray skinned women scare me.

Sin-sister responds:

As they should :]


2011-09-11 22:12:16

Yeah, I know how it is to just not wanna work for a while. You've finished something, You feel all good about yourself and all you want to do afterwards is lie on your couch, turn on the t.v. and jam your hand down your pants. :D

Just gotta bounce back!

Sin-sister responds:

Hahah yeah that's basically it ;D


2011-09-13 22:06:40

Don't know if you can, but in your next Flash, could you put in a quality select-o-meter thingy - my craptop can't take the heat you're dishing out! Thanks and well done so far; my other thingy thanks ya too!

Sin-sister responds:

Yeah I've been working on getting one of them. I didn't realize my disabling the right-click menu eliminated the use of the quality settings.

Thanks ^-^


2011-09-16 05:16:12

You would do a great job making anime XD


2011-09-21 00:16:18

Hey. I'm not here to troll you about Australia today, but I do want to ask about something relevant to trolling and Australia.

You've certainly heard of the ban on small tits in pornography in Australia. How does that affect you as an Australian pornographer? You seem to prefer the big boobies, but how do you feel about that particular law anyway? Do you really think it will help against child pornography?

Let me know when you have the chance. This may be the last time I ever speak seriously. :P (handgun vibrator and rude gesture redacted)

Sin-sister responds:

Ah yes, HAH! What a stupid legislation. Like it will actually stop pedophiles *massages temples*
Well seeing as I'm online, I don't have a great deal to do with the government.
I don't really know much about this law. Like, how they catch people and what the charges are. There's probably nothing against hentai, seeing as it's just illustration.

Even so, I don't draw girls with small breasts usually. Drawing a cartoon character with a small chest size is difficult, if you are trying not to make her loli.

Hope that answers your question :]


2011-10-09 20:09:28

Happy NG anniversary! One year and ten thousand dick jokes later, you're still here.

Sin-sister responds:

Wahhhh? Really? A whole year? That's depressing. Not a whole lot to show for my time here ;P


2011-10-14 21:30:02

well just remember, procastination does make perfect :3

Sin-sister responds:

Hah! If only.


2011-10-18 17:02:17

Today marks the day your friend ZONE has been inactive for an entire year. :(

You have been here about a year. Did you kill her? With ultra-poison, perhaps?

Sin-sister responds:

Nahhh, pretty sure he's still alive ahah


2011-10-30 16:04:01

Whaa no Halloween postings? I know Halloween isn't as big down there, but it's growing, is it not?

Sin-sister responds:

Eh, maybe. I'm not seeing any great surge of enthusiasm for Halloween where I am :/


2011-11-03 02:30:02

Why the fuck do I seem to think you like The Prodigy due to the faces you draw. :3

Sin-sister responds:

I dunno, beats me :P


2011-12-12 21:17:42

Get back to work, you lazy Southerner! Post something new or else it's "click-click...boom!"


2011-12-22 20:09:08

Im horny can we have a new game , prefebly Featuring you as the girl. :))


2012-01-03 22:57:02

Lousy drawing skills? Giiiiiiiiirl if i could only tell you how wrong you are.
Your art is exceptionally wonederful :D. Just need a break every now and again to relax the ol' noodle :D.

Good luck on your tentacle flash Sin-Sama :3 going to continue to cheer you on as always. Keep it up.


2012-01-22 17:41:03

kanye west power Saints row the third


2012-02-05 17:43:09

Oh dear... what are you doing in the summer heat down there? Throw us Northern folk some heat, sweety! Maybe Valentine's Day? ...with some halved hearts and long awaited tentacles?

You know, your an Scouted Artist here, some pics plz?


2012-02-10 10:21:00



2012-04-08 23:54:46

Hey your hero(ine) is back. (S)he posted a preview for ZTV News. Tell us how excited you are!


2012-09-22 17:29:08

amo tu pintura XD esta chulisimo


2013-07-09 21:33:14

I'm sorry I killed you :(

Sin-sister responds:

I may be more alive than you think ;]


2013-08-02 05:13:39

suck my dick

Sin-sister responds:

How much you gonna pay me, kid?


2014-07-21 18:24:23

soooo ya might want to post an update cus it been three years...........people are starting to think you died.


2017-09-06 19:20:22

you still ded m80?