So, it begins

2011-01-19 19:52:36 by Sin-sister

Hey guys

All is well over here in Aus. Well not really, there is still mud and shit fucking everywhere but it's better than ceiling high water.

I've sourced some of my own sounds now from various Hentai videos, which is how Zone did it I'm guessing after a closer inspection of his sounds. I'm still on the look out for better sounds, so if you can find a Hentai vid with little-to-no background sound and decent audio quality please PM me a link :)

And no whiney Japanese girl sounds. If there is one thing that pisses me of about H vids is most of them have high pitched Asian girls doing the voices of mature women.

Anyway, I'm letting you guys know I'm starting my first commission now.

Look, I know I fucked up. I shouldn't have announced I was going to be taking commissions, because I've got about 4 offers, which is good, but for those of you who were waiting for me to officiallyopen the slot have missed out for now :(

I'm new at this ok? Geeez! :P

So I've just started a commish for : Miluska
Then, once that is done I'll start NightVerge's, then Shizzle1390's.

I won't be accepting offers until after these commishs are done and dusted, and after that I may not be opening slots for a little while to pursue personal projects.
Unless you are Walzy1, who sort of said he wanted a commission but didn't elaborate.

So yeah guys, that's the deal.

Also, Miluska, it may be a slow first week for you commish cause' I have some stuff on next week.


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2011-01-19 22:24:38

"And no whiney Japanese girl sounds. If there is one thing that pisses me of about H vids is most of them have high pitched Asian girls doing the voices of mature women."

I second this, it pisses the hell out of me so I just mute the sound if it gets too annoying.

Too bad, I haven't been looking after hentai movies since there are actually quite a few that fall under my tastes, so I'm not good at indicating some H movies with noiseless backgrounds and absent of music.

Funny thing living in the south side of the planet you got flooding there in your side of the Pacific and I'm having my share in the Atlantic ocean. Though power surges are much more concerning for me than flooding but still, I don't live that far from the affected areas either.

Don't outsource yourself too much, there are some commissioners that can be a real pain when their pet commissions get delayed, but nice move on charging a "fee" in advance, it tends to fend off the most annoying customers.

Sin-sister responds:

What? I already commented on this. NG must have messed up.

Oh? You're having flood troubles aswell?

Yeah, I don't really need the initial fee, but it's a good way to get rid of the people less serious, or who just want to try and screw me.


2011-01-24 14:18:08

Yeah, the rain nearly doesn't stop here, nor in the even were I was the whole last week. There are even power surges a few times during the campus party and we needed either to wait a few hours or turn on the generators to keep the computers running.

But it was great too bad there are some places of my town that are already underwater.

Sin-sister responds:

Sounds lame :[
I'm glad to hear you weren't hit too bad though


2011-01-25 09:14:35

Not quite, everybody used it to make jokes, talk and gather around to play guitar and listen music.

Just because the light is off doesn't mean we can't still have fun.


2011-02-03 05:40:06

So sin sister huh what does that mean?!
Explain Yourself!!!!!


Sin-sister responds:

Huh? What does what mean?


2011-02-08 05:07:07

Well... sweet... they are already putting your games in others "Sex games" sites.
I see a long path before you... a loooong path of sweet porn games.
Anyway, i really like your art and stuff, and i agree 'bout the whiney sounds etc... kinda annoying.
'Nuff saying, instead of reading this you should be working already on your next game. So that's all... DISMISSED!

Sin-sister responds:

Yeah, I was hoping that would happen. A small milestone was achieved for me the day I went on my favourite Hentai site, and found my games uploaded <:3

Thanks Eclissato :)


2011-02-08 06:20:42

so sin-sister anyway You Create hentai games Does That Mean That
you can't get sex in the real world Lmao!!!!


Sin-sister responds:

Not at all. My girl-friend (and her boyfriend) satisfy my need for 'real world' sex quite substantially >:]